Gold Traders in Dubai

Do you know that more than 20% of the entire world’s sale volume of precious metal takes place only in Dubai? Well, that is a remarkable fact and has adequate hints for you if you aspire to join the pool of successful gold traders in Dubai. While it is an open secret that Gold is the most traded metal across the globe and its popularity is understandable, there are some special attributes about Dubai which separate this country from rest of the world in terms of gold trading. What is so exclusive about Dubai? What factors trigger unique opportunities for gold traders at this highly prospective place in Dubai? How can you utilize this abundant reservoir and take a whopping amount? Find out in this article!

  • Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, you are free from the burden of tax! Lucrative tax benefit is already assured by the Emirate government and moreover, others like profit tax and VAT (value added tax) are exempted. Nowhere in the world does such optimistic proposition to trade gold exist and that’s why innumerable aspirants from the world wish to become gold traders in Dubai.

  • Quality of the metal is yet another exclusive facet, and you are less likely to experience such quality anywhere else. Entire gold production and trade is administered and managed by the government here. As a result, the highest mandatory standards of gold are practiced by the manufacturers. Retailers too cannot sell gold without the trademark of quality. This means you enjoy the promise of quality everywhere – regardless of where you are buying the gold from!

  • The price of gold traded does not vary here and there. This is because the price of gold is determined by a single agency – Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange or DGCE. Also, you will not find slightest of the variance in the weight of gold here. You can always check the number of carats of gold to know the concentration of pure gold in the alloy.

Gold is one of the prime indicators in UAE’s economy. Provided the free trade prospects here, Dubai becomes the largest hub for gold trade in the world. The above facets make Dubai a safe and highly captivating paradise for the world’s top, proficient and curious entrepreneurs. A noteworthy aspect to add here is that Dubai’s gold market remains afloat even when gold prices plummet in other parts of the world, thanks to the liberal and business-friendly government policies here.